Luke Johnson Flooring – Guardsman/ Scotchguard Retailer

logoGuardsmanHere at Luke Johnson Flooring Ltd we are now able to offer the retail of Guardsman to all carpets. Some of you may know it as Scotchguarding as apposed to guardsman.

From approx £3-£6.50 per sqm you can choose either a 3 Year Carpet protection plan or our 5 Year Carpet PLUS protection plan. That’s sprayed or un-sprayed. (see below for more details)


”What does each plan cover”

3-Year Plan ? 3 years coverage against food and drink stains

  • Food such as:
  • Curry
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate
  • Soup
  • Drinks such as:
  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Milkshakes

5-Year Plus ? 5 years coverage against food, drink and a wider range of stains and accidental damage.

All of the above plan and:

  • Dye transfer from jeans or newspaper
  • Ring marks
  • Ink
  • Make-uprsz_1penthouse_carpet_1
  • Shampoo
  • Wax such as hair, candle and polish
  • Glue such as Superglue
  • Paint, tar and oil
  • Bleach
  • Acids and corrosives
  • Human and animal bodily fluids, such as blood and vomit
  • Rips caused by keys, metal buckles, and heels
  • Burns caused by cigarettes and sparks from fires

With both plans you can claim as many times as you need to with no Excess to pay ever. So if you have any stains that you cant get out yourself a Guardsman technician will come out and remove the stain for you. If the stain cannot be removed then the whole carpet will be replaced like for like at no cost to you.

”Why should we consider it? ”

If your replacing carpet in a high traffic area of your house for example, your lounge, hall, stairs & landing these always tend to take a lot of wear & tear, and often will be the areas that get stained from dirty feet or drinks being spilled in the lounge etc. With the guardsman protection you know whether your carpet is 100% wool 80/20 wool or 100% polypropylene you will never have to worry about general household stains.

The 5 year protection also works well if you have bedrooms with teenage kids that could do with some protection. this covers you towards a lot more stains including make up/ ink and nail varnish also.

”What happens if we take out the 3 or 5 year plan?”

The additional costing will be added to your invoice and upon payment the carpet will be treated will the liquid if required. Your details will be filled out onto a form which will then get sent onto guardsman by ourselves. You will then hear back from them and be issued with your certificate of cover and the details you need about contacting them in the future cover period if you have any issues. This then gives you the customer a direct relationship with guardsman to get any claims made as quickly as possible.

”Do you have to spray the carpet with the liquid?”

No, to take out either of the above plans you do not have to have the carpet sprayed either, a lot of customers don’t realize this. Its almost like an insurance plan but without the excess you face on home insurance. You can have the carpet sprayed for piece of mind if you require but either way you will still be covered. By not having the carpet sprayed will save you a bit of money per sqm  as the cost of liquid will not be included.

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Which underlay questions answered?



Good underlay will…

  • – Improve underfoot comfort
  • – Increase appearance retention, reducing flattening
  • – Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear
  • – Improve thermal insulation and warmth
  • – Increase sound insulation
  • – Smooth out sub-floor imperfections
  • – Last the lifetime of the carpet

Poor or old underlay will…

– Feel hard and unwelcoming
– Reduce carpet life
– Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots
– Cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly
– Not meet British Standards

How thick?

A maximum of 12mm is recommended (working with gripper will be difficult thereafter) but rooms with heavy traffic will need thinner, denser pad. The combination of thickness and density is all important as a thick underlay with low density may not perform well. Typically, the thicker the underlay, the better quality it will need to be ? 11mm is often used for luxury installations with 9mm and 7mm the common domestic thickness.


Sponge rubber

The market?s most popular underlay is available in flat or waffle patterns in a wide range of weights for different applications. It performs well for comfort and has a durable spring retention.


PU (polyurethane) foam

PU foam is a relative newcomer to the market, typically made from recycled foam offcuts. The foam provides excellent comfort and performance levels with lots of thickness options ? and its light weight helps handling. The product can be re-cycled again after use.

Crumb rubber

Flat and dense, crumb rubber is good for heavy footfall ? offering maximum protection but a little less comfort (and very good over stair nosings).

Laminate underlay

There?s still an opportunity to sell underlay with laminate flooring, improving the acoustic performance of the floor and helping the boards float above any imperfections in the sub-surface.


A rubber crumb base with a felt layer offers a good combination of protection, durability and comfort. It also allows carpet with seaming to bed into the top felt.

Underfloor heating underlay

Always ask if there is underfloor heating. Most manufacturers offer specialised products. Underlay and carpet with a combined tog rating up to 2.5 can be used ? which means the underlay would normally have a tog rating of 1.0.


This traditional (but environmentally friendly) underlay is made from recycled fibres ? wool, jute and synthetic ? to create a firm, dense pad with excellent thermal insulation. Still a very popular choice among contractors when stretch fitting woven carpets.

Pre-tackified underlay

A self-adhesive single stick underlay in both needlefelt and PU. A removable system for heavy use when comfort is desired.


General cleaning tips for your carpets

Spillages are easier to remove if tackled immediately, so act promptly and blot off all the liquid stain with dry kitchen roll or a clean dry white cloth. Semi solid substances should be removed with a plastic spatula.

For stain removal, DO NOT rub the pile surface of your carpet or over soak the stain. Use a dabbing method instead.

To clean off any remaining carpet stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water to blot the stain. Use the dabbing action with the cloth and then blot out the remaining liquid with dry kitchen towel or use a hairdryer to help dry the area in question.

Always work from the outside of the stain, Working inwards to minimize the stain spreading.

However, if your carpet does end up with a stain that you just can?t seem to get rid of, then it?s best to get expert stain removal advice and help regarding the specific substance responsible.

For effective carpet cleaning, follow these general rules below for dealing with spillages. For more persistent stains and difficult to deal with carpet stain removal, contact a professional carpet cleaner.

If you find your carpet is past being cleaned and its time to replace then CALL US NOW 01635 600246. Let us help you choose a new STAIN RESISTANT carpet.

Looking for New Carpet?? Read this and make the right choice.

When asked a majority of customer’s looking to replace there carpets, do not know the differences between the carpet types available, and the Pros and Cons depending on the area there going to be fitted in.

If this is you take a few minutes to read through and help yourself make the right choice.


With advances in manufacturing techno logy, 95% of all carpet produced today is tufted. It takes about an hour- to make a roll of carpet that might take eight hour-s to weave. To make tufted carpet, hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary backing fabric to form loops or tufts, which may be left as is or cut. A heavy adhesive coating is applied to hold the tufts in place and a secondary backing is usual lee glued on for strength and stability. A wide variety of styles and textures can then be created using various techniques.


Berber ? Berber- carpets look like and are named after a handmade, bulky woo l carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa and Asia. The loops are made from thick or- bulky yarns of woo l. nylon, polypropylene or a blend of these fibres to give a cushioned effect underfoot. These car-pets are-e available in an assortment of colours and may be necked and can be either level loop or multilevel loop.
Level loop ? When all the loops are of the same height, a highly flexible and durable carpet is created which has a natural, casual appear-acne even when (commonly) it is made from synthetic fibres. The tight loop texture tends to hide marks so it’s a good blend between luxury and practicality.
Multi-level loop ? The loops vary to two or sometimes three loop heights to create informal, random textures which are very forgiving for marks and stains and therefore very suitable for high traffic areas and busy family rooms.


Freize ? Frieze (pronounced free-say) car-pets are similar to Saxony, but the yarns are more tightly twisted and should always be heat set. They have a dense, low pile surface which creates a coarse, pebbly texture. Frieze carpets are very durable and hide footprints, dust and dirt, which makes them suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Saxony ? Saxony textures are made of twisted yarns, which should be heat set. The tips remain very distinct, rather than blending together to form a very elegant finish. Saxony textures show footprints and vacuum marks so are suitable for more occasional rooms in the home. More textured variations improve the practicality of Saxony?s.

Twist ? The popular twist carpet is the cut-pile standard. The yarn is tightly twisted and often heat set to retain this feature and the result is a versatile, textured finish that is ideal for plain colours.

Velvet ? Velvet textures (sometimes called ‘velour’ or ‘plush’) all have a level surface pile of approx. 5mm to 10mm height, which is then sheared to give a smooth finish . With very little twist in the yarn, the ends blend together which then further- enhances the overall finish These carpets tend to ‘shade’ with heavy use. Footprints show easily and the colour looks different from place to place because fibres lying in different directions reflect the light differently. A luxury for occasional rooms.


When some of the pile is cut and other- left as loop, a variety of surface textures and patterns can be created (in a variety of colours).The multi-level surface is excellent for hiding footprints and stains so cut and loop is good for- high traffic areas and general purpose rooms in the home.

Shag pile ? Shag pile has varied in popularity. The pile is up to 50mm long and the texture is casual and loose but the surface flattens easily and lacks durability.

Bonded carpets (sometimes called ?fibre-bonded? or ?fusion bonded?) are created by firing fibres onto an adhesive material ? the fibres are not stitched into the backing in any way. The technique is principally used for commercial carpets.

Woven carpet may be in a tiny minority of today’s production but still produces some of the finest carpets which are used for prestigious installations.

Axminster ? The pile of the carpet is inserted into the backing as it is woven and cut to length, creating U-shaped tufts to give a velvety surface. The process locks in the fibre to create a carpet of high durability and performance retention as well as a luxury feel. The process allows for intricate designs and colours to be used – although modern trends mean that the traditional patterned axminster has given way to current fashion trends for plain carpets.

Wilton ? Wilton woven carpets are produced in a similar way to axminsters – the principal difference being that a continuous fibre is woven all the way through .The carpet can be sheared to create a range of cut and loop textured effects. The result is a high quality carpet of unrivaled durability.

Flat weave ? Manufactured in the same way as wilton, flat weave is a loop pile which allows the yarn to be woven across a wider area to created a flatten more textured effect.

Need more advice? Give us a CALL NOW ON 01635 600246 and let us help you choose the right carpet for your home.


Luke Johnson Flooring’s new showroom opened its doors for the first time at 9:00am on Saturday 24th November.The Opening Day was a great success with lots of positive feedback from everyone that came down to see us on Saturday. Customers were surprised to see just how much attention and creativity Luke had put into fitting out the new showroom that had started out as a run down industrial unit, In the space of two months, with lots of hard work it has been transformed into a new showroom that has been quoted by customers as “stylish” & “professionally done” .

Above is a picture of Luke Johnson (right) and the first customer (left) of the day at 9:05am. Many others followed taking advantage of the free cup cakes and free bacon rolls that were on offer.

This new showroom offers not only a base for the business to operate more efficiently, but provides customers with an opportunity to browse an even wider range of Domestic & Commercial flooring sample including Carpets, wood, Vinyl & laminates so come down and take a look and for a limited time, take advantage of a 10% discount.

This new showroom is the first business for Luke Johnson Flooring and is part of an expansion plan to extend the business for the convenience of customers old and new – customers who enjoy receiving quality workmanship, the service they expect at the prices they expect.

Luke Johnson Flooring really are putting their customers Feet First and leaving footprints for others to follow.


I have no hesitation in recommending Luke and his team.

They say that a personal recommendation is the best form of advertising and for that reason I have no hesitation in recommending Luke and his team.

Having just acquired a rental property in need of refurbishment, time was of the essence to get it ready for tenants who needed to find a replacement property quickly. Luke was contacted and came out the very same day to discuss my requirements and followed it up followed with a very competitive quotation emailed the very same day. By the time the house was cleared and decorated ready for the flooring there was only a day left before the tenants moved in. Luke came up trumps and two guys worked until 9pm until the work was completed, to a very high standard too.

How refreshing! To find a tradesman who cares about his personal reputation and goes the extra mile for his customers.

Thanks again Luke

Phil Price


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you

Hi Luke

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you to you and your team for the fantastic job carpeting my house. From the very beginning it was great to gain your insight and help in selecting the carpets and then the hassle free way you and the guys carried out the work was fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family etc.

Best Wishes
Mel Forbes

Luke Johnson Flooring Sponsoring Turnpike Sports FC 2012/2013

Once again this year Luke Johnson flooring will be sponsoring local saturday league team Turnpike sports for the forthcoming season of 2012/2013. The kit in the picture below was supplied by LJ Flooring last year and will be used again this year alongside a new away Kit which is also being supplied by LJ flooring for the new season.

Luke Johnson is not only the sponsor but also plays for them and is more than happy to help the club in anyway he can. The team is full of great local hardworking guys along with the guidance of Trevor Byrne the manager who all enjoy there saturday football after a hard week at work.

The team have moved leagues this year from the Reading leagues over to the North Berks and unfortunately will have to play there way up the bottom division but with the setup they have hope to move up the leagues over next couple of seasons.

To find out more info visit to keep track of there progress.