Luke Johnson Flooring Sponsoring Turnpike Sports FC 2012/2013

Once again this year Luke Johnson flooring will be sponsoring local saturday league team Turnpike sports for the forthcoming season of 2012/2013. The kit in the picture below was supplied by LJ Flooring last year and will be used again this year alongside a new away Kit which is also being supplied by LJ flooring for the new season.

Luke Johnson is not only the sponsor but also plays for them and is more than happy to help the club in anyway he can. The team is full of great local hardworking guys along with the guidance of Trevor Byrne the manager who all enjoy there saturday football after a hard week at work.

The team have moved leagues this year from the Reading leagues over to the North Berks and unfortunately will have to play there way up the bottom division but with the setup they have hope to move up the leagues over next couple of seasons.

To find out more info visit to keep track of there progress.